2016-17 School Year

Internet Safety at Metcalf

Presentations for Students beginning October 26th

For more information go to Netsmartz

Online Posting-Parents, Students, Everyone!

Technology Safety Tips

  • Keep computer in a “traffic” area
  • Have your child show you what programs, sites they use
  • Select safeguarding/programming options from your online service provider
  • Know and check all computers that your child uses
  • Know/control passwords and use blocking/filtering devices
  • Children should use Back button or turn off monitor to get out of inappropriate sites and then tell an adult

Cell Phone Safety Tips – Netsmartz

  • Establish rules and times for using cell phone, what websites they can visit, & what apps they can download
  • Review cell phone records for any unknown numbers or late night texts or calls
  • Remind students that anything they send from their phone can easily be forwarded and shared
  • Talk to your student about consequences for sending sexually explicit or provocative images or texts
  • When shopping for cell phones for your child research the security settings that are available.
By Mohrman